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Angus beef is beef taken from an Angus cow. Angus is a breed of cattle with its own unique characteristics. Angus cattle are known for having genes that make their meat more tender, marbled, and flavorful than regular beef. Better marbling means the fat is dispersed thinly and evenly throughout the meat ensuring consistent texture, juiciness, and flavor. They are also a heartier breed which means they typically require fewer antibiotics in than other cow breeds.

In order to qualify as Certified Angus Beef (CAB), the beef has to come from cattle that are certified on paper as having specific genetic qualities. For example, their bodies must be at least 51% solid black, hence the term “Black Angus.” The exception is the Red Angus, which is a red-brownish colored breed.

If you are looking to buy Angus beef, look for a CAB sticker on the packaging. CAB certifies that the beef has gone through a much more rigorous certification process than the standard USDA grading process. If you are buying lower USDA grades of beef such as Select or Standard, you will likely find little difference between a regular cut of beef and an Angus cut of beef. The Angus beef is supposed to shine when it is USDA graded as Prime or Prime Plus. Expect to pay 10-15 % more for Angus beef.

So, does Angus beef actually taste better? This is a much-debated topic on the internet. Most say there is very little difference in taste or texture if you are eating beef from a fast-food restaurant. However, if you are getting the beef from a high-end restaurant or a reputable butcher, some say there can be a noticeable difference in taste and texture. Personally, I can’t tell a difference and think it’s clever marketing more than anything else.

  1. About 720 quarter-pound hamburgers patties can come from a single cow.
  2. Brazil and the United States are the top beef producing countries in the world.
  3. New Zealand, Uruguay, Argentina, Australia, and Brazil have more cows than people.

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