lucky horseshoe

Over the centuries, several origin stories have emerged about why people believe the horseshoe brings good luck. No one knows for sure but, below is the most popular story.

The good luck of a horseshoe goes back to the legend of Saint Dunstan from the 10th century. Because of his talented blacksmith skills, the devil asked him to create a horseshoe for his cloven hoof. Saint Dunstan agreed, but in carrying out the task he caused the devil such great pain that he was able to get the devil to agree never to enter a house that has a horseshoe hanging from above its doorway again. From then on, the horseshoe has been considered good luck.

I think it’s infinitely more likely that this story was told to sell more horseshoes rather than it actually being true.

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  1. A horseshoe maker is called a farrier.
  2. Shoeing a horse is painless when it’s done correctly.
  3. Horseshoes are usually made from iron, plastic, rubber, and rawhide.
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