Easter Basket

Where did the Easter bunny and Easter eggs come from?

It's very bizarre that rabbits and colored eggs are used to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, especially since rabbits don't lay eggs.There are a...
bird chirp

Can different bird species understand each other?

Birds communicate in various ways, but i'll be focusing only on audible communication in this post.Robert D. Magrath, a behavioral ecologist at the Australian...
cooked steak

What is the difference between Angus beef and regular beef?

AngusĀ beef is beef taken from an Angus cow.Angus is a breed of cattle with its own unique characteristics. Angus cattle are known for having...
Mexican Fruit Fly

Do insects get fat?

A Florida entomologist in the 1960's found that he could turn about half of a mosquito's body weight into fat if he handfed it...

What is Groundhog Day and where did it come from?

Groundhog day has its origins in an ancient Celtic festival called Imbolc, which was held on each year on February 1st.

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