How many World War 2 veterans are still alive in 2021?


LAST UPDATED: February 3, 2021 by Ryan McCain

Word War II graveyard

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, around 300,000 of the roughly 16 million American World War II veterans are still alive as of February, 2021. About 370 World War II of these veterans die each day.

The statistics show the youngest veterans are in their 90’s, while the oldest are over 100 years old.

  1. Over 400,000 Americans died during World War II.
  2. Over 60 million people were killed during World War II, which was about 3% of the 1940 world population (est. 2.3 billion).
  3. Only about 20% of males born in the Soviet Union in 1923 survived the war.
  4. Americans used the name ‘Liberty Steak’ to describe hamburgers during World War II to avoid sounding German.

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  1. this is for ANYONE that have served this country RECORD YOUR STORIES SOMEHOW WRITE EM DOWN RECORD EM ON A TAPE RECORDER DO ANYTHING TO PRESERVE WHAT YOU DID because once YOU are gone everything that YOU did will be gone to

  2. Teach American history in our schools!! It is sadly lacking. My daughter knows that her maternal grandfather was a World War II vet. I do not believe she understands how many people gave their lives. She does not appreciate the fact that her grandfather rec’d two purple hearts or that he helped liberate a concentration camp and never spoke of the horrors he saw until he was in his 80’s. He was present when the Germans were surrendering. I asked him to record his experiences but he only said no, its all been told.

  3. i cant get through these vids without getting uncontrollable emotion. Yes they should teach all this. Its a sad fact kids of today will never know what these men and women experienced, my heart aches for our wonderful country! Thank you to all who keep this memory alive

  4. In regarding to raw,its always going to happened the way it always happens over greed,envy and hate and yet people still volunteer,volunteering to feed there greed, inturn begets and feeds anger, anger always turns into HATE, thanks to the greatest generation in American history for answering the call to arms, ooooooh rahhhhhhh.


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