How much meat does a cow provide?



Raw meat An average cow will provide nearly 400 pounds of beef. On average, a beef steer weighs over 1000 pounds, but the entire cow doesn’t make it to the table. There are a lot of gory details about this that I’m not going to get into. Trust me when I say that less than half of the total weight of a cow will result in meat consumed by humans. Some of the other meat can be used for pet food and other uses. On a side note, there is no evidence that premium pet food is actually better for our pets. Anyways, here is a general breakdown: 85 pounds of ground beef 85 pounds of steaks or round roasts 90 pounds of steaks or chuck roasts 80 pounds of rib and loin steaks 50 pounds of other cuts (brisket, skirt, flank, etc.) Let’s break this down using these weights: Ground beef = 4 ounces Steak = 12 ounces Pot roast = 4 pounds Ribs = 3 pounds Brisket = 12 pounds Using these weights, a single cow will provide the following: 340 hamburger patties (ground beef) 85 steaks 22.5 pot roasts 26.6 ribs 12.5 briskets
  1. More than 100 medicines come from cattle.
  2. Beef consumed in its raw form is called steak tartare.
  3. Brazil has more cows than people.
  4. Cattle have one stomach with four compartments which allows them to eat and digest grass.
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