Can hand soap be used to clean dishes?



The main difference between hand soap and dish detergent/soap is price and strength. Hand soap is safe to use in a pinch, but it will be less effective and also more expensive in the long run.

For most of history, one type of soap was used to do everything. A bar of soap made with lye and various fats was used to wash hands, do laundry, clean dishes. etc.

Dirty dishes
Yay, dirty dishes!

Hand soap is basically a watered-down version of dish soap. Have you ever noticed when you wash your hands with dish soap that it takes forever for the soap to wash off? This is because you are using soap that is 10x, 20x, or maybe 30x more potent than hand soap.

Another difference is some soaps have a foaming agent ingredient in them while others don’t. This means you will have to deal with extra suds in your sink if you use a soap that has a foaming agent in it, but the suds don’t affect the cleanliness of the dishes.

Basically, soap is soap. There are stronger and weaker soaps and other slight ingredient variations, but soap is still soap.

  1. The term soap opera dates back to daytime radio dramas in the 1930’s often being sponsored by soap or detergent manufacturers.
  2. The Babylonians are the first known makers of soap, around 2800 BC.
  3. In 2002, nearly 600 people living in the United Kingdom were treated in hospitals for soap-related accidents.

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