Do fish sleep?

While most fish rest by reducing their activity and metabolism, the way fish "sleep" is different from the way land mammals sleep. Most fish don’t...

Would detonating a nuclear bomb really turn a desert into glass?

Yes, it would. Well, at least a portion of it. We know this because this is exactly what happened when Trinity was detonated over...
Gas pump

How much gas does an idling car use?

The amount of gas an idling car uses varies depending on engine type, size, etc. Compact sedans with 2.0-liter engines use about the same...

What is the difference between speed and velocity?

The terms speed and velocity are often used interchangeably. This isn't correct, and I will explain why below. Speed is a scalar measurement of the rate...
Mexican Fruit Fly

Do insects get fat?

A Florida entomologist in the 1960's found that he could turn about half of a mosquito's body weight into fat if he handfed it...

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