nuclear weapon

How many countries have nuclear weapons?

There are about 14,000 nuclear weapons in the world, a number that has been declining since the Cold War ended. While the exact number of...

Would detonating a nuclear bomb really turn a desert into glass?

Yes, it would. Well, at least a portion of it. We know this because this is exactly what happened when Trinity was detonated over...
gas can

Does gasoline go bad?

Gasoline (gas), also called petrol in the U.K, degrades over time which can lead to problems ranging from engines having difficulty starting or not...
bird chirp

Can different bird species understand each other?

We've all heard birds chirping, but do pigeons understand cardinals, do robins understand sparrows, etc.? Birds communicate in various ways, but I'm focusing only on...
Mexican Fruit Fly

Do insects get fat?

A Florida entomologist in the 1960's found that he could turn about half of a mosquito's body weight into fat if he handfed it...

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