What is a vice squad?

A vice squad is a police division that investigates crimes that are considered vices. A vice is defined as practice or behavior that is considered...
nuclear weapon

How many countries have nuclear weapons?

There are about 14,000 nuclear weapons in the world, a number that has been declining since the Cold War ended. While the exact number of...
Worlds oldest library

Where do libraries get their initial set of books from?

New libraries use a process called "Collection Development" to decide what books to purchase as well as what books to discard. Books are usually...
Census sign

Is it illegal to not fill out the census form?

Originally, the U.S. Census was used solely to count the number of citizens in each state so members of Congress could be accurately allocated....

Would detonating a nuclear bomb really turn a desert into glass?

Yes, it would. Well, at least a portion of it. We know this because this is exactly what happened when Trinity was detonated over...

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