Why don’t cats enjoy the taste of sweets?

Other than cats, every other mammal (including humans) examined to date can taste sweetness. This is due to us having five types of taste...
Ice lake

How do fish survive when ponds and lakes freeze?

All liquids have a boiling point and a freezing point. Boiling water turns into steam and frozen water turns into ice. Water boils at...

Do fish sleep?

While most fish rest by reducing their activity and metabolism, the way fish "sleep" is different from the way land mammals sleep. Most fish don’t...
bird chirp

Can different bird species understand each other?

We've all heard birds chirping, but do pigeons understand cardinals, do robins understand sparrows, etc.? Birds communicate in various ways, but I'm focusing only on...
Dog food

Is premium pet food healthier?

To answer whether or not premium pet food is worth the extra cost, we need to know what exactly makes pet food premium. The term...

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