bird chirp

Can different bird species understand each other?

We've all heard birds chirping, but do pigeons understand cardinals, do robins understand sparrows, etc.? Birds communicate in various ways, but I'm focusing only on...
cooked steak

What is the difference between Angus beef and regular beef?

Angus beef is beef taken from an Angus cow. Angus is a breed of cattle with its own unique characteristics. Angus cattle are known for...
Mexican Fruit Fly

Do insects get fat?

A Florida entomologist in the 1960's found that he could turn about half of a mosquito's body weight into fat if he handfed it...

What is Groundhog Day and where did it come from?

Groundhog Day, as we know it, began around 1887 in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, but its roots go back hundreds, maybe even thousands of years. The holiday...

Why is the lion referred to as the king of the jungle when it...

I am not able to find an authoritative source for this answer but this is the most popular theory. The word jungle (Sanskrit jangla) translates...

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