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Colonel Henry

Why is the word Colonel pronounced like it has an “r” in it?

Short answer: Colonel is pronounced the way it is because it's based on the French military term, "coronel."Here in the U.S, "Colonel" is pronounced like "kernel." Why is it spelled so differently you ask?...
Corned beef

Is there corn in corned beef?

Short answer: No, the word "corned" in "corned beef" refers to how it's processed, not it's ingredients.The word “corn” derives from an Old English word meaning “large grain" and large grains of rock salt...
Tennis scoring

Can you explain the weird scoring system used in tennis?

Short answer: No one knows for sure, but the term "love" is likely a French translation and the "15-30-40" point scoring system is probably a rehash of a previous games scoring system.There's no odder...
Argentinian Station

How many people live in Antarctica?

Short Answer: Between 1,000 and 4,000 people live in Antarctica, depending on the time of year.For the most part, there are two types of people that reside in Antartica, those working in research stations...
cold shoulder

Where does the phrase, “giving me the cold shoulder,” originate?

Short answer: It was a mistranslation of a phrase from the Vulgate Bible.
Mexican Jumping Beans

What are Mexican jumping beans and how do they jump?

Short answer: A Mexican jumping bean is a name given to a type of Mexcian bean pod that appears to randomly move around.  The moving is actually caused by a small moth larva that living inside the pod.