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US capitol

What is a filibuster?

A filibuster is a delay tactic used by a United States senator to block a bill, amendment or other measure being considered by preventing it from coming up for a final vote.Filibusters can happen...

Why are sloths so slow?

Sloths are slow! REAL SLOW! Lazy people are even referred to as sloths here in the states. So, why are they so slow?On average, sloths travel less than 50 yards per day. That's less...
Chef Boyardee

Was Chef Boyardee a real person?

Unlike the fictional product marketing icons of Betty Crocker, Aunt Jemima, and Mrs. Butterworth, Chef Boyardee, was indeed a real person. The others were created as marketing gimmicks.Ettore Boiardi was an Italian-American immigrant born...
The Sky

Why is the sky blue?

this is the excpert

Why does sugar make kids hyper?

Short answer: It doesn't. There is no scientific evidence linking sugar consumption to hyperactivity.If a child eats loads of candy, a hyperactive frenzy will follow, right? Actually, no. All of the studies done on...

How do magnets work?

I spent quite a bit of time trying answer this question so a 10-year-old could understand it. In the end, I was at 1000 words and wasn't even close to finishing my answer. The best...